Silver Mystic #9 - It Has Been Done Part Two

Family of Ruin is now available. Finally.

Keeping it short and sweet this time, but like, actually. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy of my first book. The second book in the four-book series is live now.

Paperback: Family of Ruin

Kindle: Family of Ruin

As I did with the first, I am listing the paperback for one penny above the minimum Amazon requires ($5.45 this time) for the first 24 hours or so. It’s a small way of saying thank you to those of you who support me. After that it’ll go up to $12. The ebook version will be $4 at launch and remain so indefinitely.

If you have read the first volume, please send me your thoughts. Even the negative ones. I’ve already had a good bit of feedback where it clearly didn’t resonate with people, so I am prepped for that. But I still like to read it. Obviously I like reading the positive stuff more, but so it goes.

Lastly, I hate self-promotion, so you won’t hear this from me a lot, but if you did like it, and you feel like it, a review on Amazon would be so helpful. So far, I’ve sold about 70 copies, which is awesome, but I’m pretty sure those are all people who know me. Which, don’t get me wrong, 70 of you being willing to spend money just to indulge me is really fabulous. Honestly it’s great, and I love it. I’m just hoping maybe I can get it into some other hands as well.

Amazon has been taking more time to actually review books before publishing, so I’m not totally sure when books 3 and 4 will be live, but they’re ready. So the whole series should be published within the next month or so!

Anyway, I know I said I’d keep it short and sweet, and I kinda didn’t. So… sorry. But not sorry. Now go read volume 2.

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